Envi Blocks - the Friendly Firewood

Envi Blocks - the Friendly Firewood

An all wood alternative to cordwood, made from dry, clean and recycled hardwood sawdust and shavings. For use in wood stoves, fire places, fire pits, and wood furnaces.

Envi Block Firewood Package

Envi Blocks are made of the same material (hardwood sawdust, shavings, etc.) as wood pellets, but are mechanically compressed into larger block sizes. The Envi Block is approximately 4" x 4" x 10-1/4" in size with an average weight between 6 and 7 pounds. The Envi-8 Block measures approximately 3-1/4" x 2-3/4" x 9-1/2" with an average weight between 3 and 4 pounds.

Envi Blocks Compared to Most Cordwood:

  • More Heat - Higher Density
  • Burn Hotter - Lower Moisture Content
  • Burn Cleaner - Less ash residue - Less particle emissions - Less creosote
  • Less Mess - No Insects - No Dirt - No Fungus - No Mold
  • Convenient - Occuplies less space - Easier to store - Can be stored inside
  • Saves Time - Less Handline - No seasoning - No Splitting
Envi Block OriginalEnvi-8 Block

Technical Information:

BTU Per Pound: 8,000 +/-
Moisture: +/- 6%
Ash: +/- 0.5%

Instructions / Safety Information for Usage

  • Use inside only properly maintained and ventilated wood burning stoves, fireplaces, and furnaces.
  • We recommend you consult the manufacturer of your wood burning appliance on use of this product.
  • To Start - establish a bed of coals using kindline before adding 1 or 2 blocks.
  • Add additional blocks as appropriate for the size of your word burning appliance.
  • Maintain the desired temperature and burn time by adjusting air flow and spacing between blocks.
  • Avoid overheating by controlling air and not over-filling your firebox.
  • Do not stack blocks too close to glass doors/windows of stoves, fireplaces.
  • Store in a Dry Place

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